Information in English

Kvibergspelen is a weekend chess tournament in Göteborg, Sweden. The format is eight round Fide-Swiss. Four rounds of rapid (traditionally 15min+5s/move) are played on Friday evening, followed by two rounds of 90min+30s/move on Saturday and another two rounds of 90min+30s/move on Sunday. The tournament is divided in two. There is an open tournament and one for players with E1600 or less (Small Kvibergspelen). Prioritet Serneke Arena, Krutvägen 2 – Göteborg, has always been the venue for Kvibergspelen. It is a very modern facility with lots of space and a good conference area where all the chess is played (Also indoor skiing is possible which is not so common). The hotel in the same building always provides reasonable room prices as well meaning participants don’t usually have to look far for accommodation. The most current invitation (in Swedish) can be found on (left column).

In terms of the story behind the tournament. The Swedish Chess federation wanted a series of fairly large chess tournaments spread throughout the calendar year. A sort of Swedish Open-tournament Grandprix was started for this reason. Standards were also set, with for example there being a requirement to suggest a decent hotel nearby and to have decent class boards etc. Kvibergspelen was first played in the spring of 2017, followed by spring 2018, spring 2019, autumn 2019 (the tournament switched slot in the GP calendar to autumn), autumn 2022 (the previous two years no tournaments were held due to the effect the coronavirus had on the broader society).

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